Working Dogs: US Air Force taps SimX for Canine Medical Simulation Training

Recently, the team at SimX was awarded an R&D contract by the U.S. Air Force through the VALOR program. Through this contract, we will develop a novel VR medical simulation training capability focused on emergency prehospital canine care which will assist in training the DOD’s elite medical personnel on the latest canine prehospital care standards.


In collaboration with USAF stakeholders and end users, the team will first focus on adapting SimX’s existing Virtual Reality Medical Simulation System (VRMSS) to include canine-specific components as well as unique medical scenarios outlined by the existing canine emergency curriculum.


The goal of this project is to develop a novel VR training capability that will enable faster, more frequent, and more cost effective simulation training for canine emergency care. The initial planned capabilities cover the spectrum of circulatory, respiratory, and field surgical interventions with a planned curriculum including scenarios such as Acute Head Trauma and Gastric Dilatation. The capabilities developed under this program will also be made available for commercial use.

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