Aggressive Behavior Management

A 79-year-old elderly woman with dementia, has been unable to adjust to the three-person room at the nursing hospital for 3 weeks and is showing aggressive behaviors such as screaming and swearing. She is able to communicate easily with a MMSE score of 15/30, but she is angry with her family for being admitted to a nursing hospital and having difficulty cooperating with her caregiver, and she often suddenly says ‘I’m going home’ in bed. There is a risk of falling by trying to get out of bed on her own. Besides dementia, she has high blood pressure and hyperlipidemia, and she eats a regular diet, but she only eats about half of her meals and refuses to take dietary supplements. Except for blood pressure, V/S are normal, and one main guardian visits once every two weeks. The patient attempts to get out of bed and falls injuring her hip. The learner in the case must evaluate the patient, assess her injury and notify the physician about the fall.

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Dymstec – Keimyung university


English, Korean