Chest Pain

Multiuser scenario with middle age male in Emergency department feeling “unwell”. A to E assessment discovers chest pain and mild shock. Patient is a concreter and was out working this morning and felt chest pain, nausea and faint. Initially, participant must assess ABCs of patient and provide initial resuscitation. Loss of consciousness ensues, confirmation of cardiac arrest, CPR, 2 x shocks, 1 x adrenaline, ROSC, eassess. In sequential states, participant must use history, exam, labs, CXR, and ECG showing ST elevation to correctly diagnose ACS. Finally, case is successfully completed by managing patient with ALS algorithm and disposition of patient to ICU/Cath lab by consultation of Critical Care for admission – if this is not done in timely manner or critical steps missed, patient remains deceased.

Learning Objectives:

1. Advanced Life support scenario / testing station
2. A to E assessment
3. ALS algorithm; confirmation of cardiac arrest; 4H’s & 4T’s to be verbalized during 2 rounds of CPR

Additional information




Bundle of Rays

Case Setting

Emergency Department


Cardiology, Emergency medicine

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