Environmental Safety

Participant begins scenario in field with tents, American flag flying. Patient runs into camp from the northeast and proceeds to sit on the ground and cough. Pt states explosion nearby, suspects gas attack, reports yellow-green gas smelling like bleach, denies any GI symptoms and reports other soldiers with only respiratory symptoms, with patient running back to base camp. Participant can see fire and smoke off to the northeast, with wind blowing smoke in roughly their direction (southwest wind from northeast, flag flapping in same orientation as smoke is travelling). Participant should briefly evaluate patient, who feels she can walk, and must state they will move upwind and lateral (to northwest). If there is a delay in moving upwind then the NPC coughs and prompts for movement. On attempt to reevaluate patient in new location, participant hears nearby gunfire, from the east. Participant must again move to a third location. Then minimal medical treatment and evac. If there is a delay in moving after gunshots heard the enemy combatant shoots participant and patient. In final position participant can treat patient and call for MedEvac.

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Emergency medicine, Prehospital, Toxicology

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