Mass Casualty

A multi-vehicle collision/explosion has resulted in a mass casualty scenario involving 9 wounded soldiers with ranging severity of injuries. Participant starts on the outskirts of the mass casualty environment, as though just arriving at the scene. Participant must obtain intel from active soldier who witnessed the incident, and secure the scene before starting the triage process. The scene will fade out and fade back in, dropping the participant into the mass casualty environment surrounded by 9 patients and 2 NPCs. During the triage process, participant will perform MARCH assessments, tag patients with TCCC cards, treat patients as needed, and direct NPCs as needed. Of the 9 wounded soldiers, 2 are dead and 3 will be able to stand up and walk to the Medevac area themselves. Of the remaining 4 patients, one will have a R leg open fracture, one will have penetrating chest wounds, one will have an amputated and bleeding leg, and the last will have head trauma and will require intubation. Once participant asks NPC to move patients to Medevac zone, scene will fade out and fade in, dropping participant into MedEvac zone surrounded by patients who have been categorized by injury severity into quadrants. The NPCs will already be performing CPR on the intubated patient, who dies regardless of medical efforts. Participant then needs to call for transport and communicate which patients need to be transported out first in the helicopter that has arrived, and the case ends.

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Emergency medicine, Prehospital, Trauma

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