Mental Health Evaluation

Ms. Ortiz who is a 38-year-old patient with a history of bipolar disorder. The patient presented to the emergency department the previous night stating, “I have not had more than 3 hours of sleep a night for the last two weeks and I feel like I am losing it”. Pt also reported that she had recent thoughts of ending her life and stated, “I just want to end things because things have been so bad lately.” From there, she was involuntarily admitted to a behavioral health unit on a 5150 for danger to self where she has been since 0200. When you arrive for your 0700 shift, the nurse assigned to the patient has asked you to conduct a suicide assessment for Ms. Ortiz. The patient is currently pacing around the day room waiting for breakfast.

Learning Objectives:

1. Create a supportive environment for therapeutic conversation.
2. Demonstrate the use of four effective communication skills.
3. Interpret a patient’s mental status.
4. Conduct a suicide assessment.
5. Provide a patient with information about suicide precautions.

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