Right Hemiparesis

Patient with right hemisyndrome, transported by helicopter to the shock room. During transport partly circulatory unstable and increasing O2 demand, below 4L/min then stable. Stable in shock room on handover, handover by physician, symptom onset and premedication are not reported and must be enquired. In the shock room, blood sampling (standard block with additional selectable parameters such as Trop, D-Dimer, Xa activity), patient examination using NIHSS (variable findings selectable with/without aphasia), emergency nursing can be called in for blood sampling, ECG, attaching monitor monitoring, administration of medication. Circulation parameters incl. Biox and ECG rhythm can be changed continuously, possibility to administer medication in case of hypertension/hypotension/tachycardia/bradycardia and adjust O2 administration in case of hypoxia. Request neuro-CT/MRI (desired sequences must be selected).

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Emergency medicine, Neurology


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