SANE I - Factors of Caring

30 year old female, disheveled patient with chief complaint of “psych” comes to the emergency department. The nurse receives report from the off-going shift stating, “The woman in room 5 is probably here for crisis. The police just dropped her off. She was creating a disturbance on the bus. She hasn’t said anything and won’t answer any questions, so I’m just waiting on the resident to go see her. She looks homeless and I saw track marks on her arms. I didn’t have anything to chart but I did vitals!” The goal of this scenario is for the nurse to be put in a situation where they have to offer support and options for a medical-forensic exam to a patient who is in crisis. If the nurse does not offer respect, is kind or caring, the patient will refuse any care and will state, “I don’t want to talk, go away”.

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Northwestern School of Nursing

Case Setting

Emergency Department


Emergency medicine, Psychiatry/Mental Health




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