Stop the Bleed

There has been a shooting with multiple casualties. Several of the injured are collected in an empty room. There are 5 adults in the room with injuries. One patient has a gunshot wound to the abdomen suffering hemorrhagic shock, one patient has arterial hemorrhage from a gunshot wound to the left arm at the elbow, one patient has a gunshot wound to the right groin with large venous injury, one patient has a wound to the thigh with mild oozing and one patient has no injuries but is sobbing uncontrollably

Learning Objectives:

1. Discriminate between major arterial injury, major venous injury, major visceral injury and no injury.
2. Apply appropriate treatment.
3. Categorize for transport to a hospital.

Additional information


EMT, Firefighter, Paramedic, Police Officer


Sun City Simulation

Case Setting

Office Building


Emergency medicine, Trauma

Room Size





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