Tanker Rescue

Confined space chemical explosion on an oil tanker, you have arrived 13 hours after the event. Two injured crewmen sustained large area burns including face, arms, torso, 60% TBSA. Patient 1 has severe L arm pain from burn, and has developed drooling and difficulty breathing, requiring intubation. Patient 1 also requires L arm escharotomy. Patient 2 has wheezing respirations and horse speech, becoming very agitated. Unable to intubate with supraglottic edema, must perform cric. Learner must set initial vent parameters and sedation for both patients, and determine how long sedation meds will last.


Learning Objectives:

1. Perform a field assessment on burn injury patients.
2. Evaluate and secure the airway of a severe burn injury patient.
3. Know indications for placing a surgical airway in a patient with airway burn.
4. Evaluate the potential need for escharotomy and perform the procedure as indicated.
5. Manage ventilator parameters to maintain appropriate oxygenation and ventilation.
6. Manage sedation plan during prolonged patient care episode.
7. Use medical resources available via phone or radio to guide field care.

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