The Suicidal Patient

68-year-old male veteran admitted to your unit from the ER for TIA and hypotension. His son found him at home unconscious. The son said that there was an empty pill bottles at home, which were the patient’s heart/blood pressure medications. However, the patient reports taking only a few pills. The veteran has not been eating and been sad over the past few months because his wife died a month ago. The son is concerned the veteran took all of his heart medicine and blood pressure medicine in a suicide attempt. Mr. Simon has a history of CAD, HTN, osteoarthritis and diabetes. He is Awake, alert and oriented X4. No known allergies and ambulate with a cane. Admitted to an inpatient medical unit for intentional beta-blocker overdose, bradycardia/hypotension, dehydration. Since admission the patient’s vital signs had improved. Labs done in ER CBC, BMP, drug screen and EKG

Learning Objectives:

1. Demonstrate knowledge of MEDVAMC Suicide prevention program policy (SAVE).
2. Demonstrate knowledge of National Patient Safety Goals during patient care
3. Demonstrate the ability to communicate with providers and caregivers using the SBAR tool

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