Trauma: Motor Vehicle Crash

EMS arrives with a patient involved in a motor vehicle crash for whom they have started a 20 gauge IV in the left arm, placed the patient in an extrication C-collar and initiated a simple mask for oxygen delivery.


Learning Objectives:

1. Identify airway control (priority)
a. Attempt suctioning
b. Determine that intubation is needed and perform intubation
i. Brief neuro exam before medications
1. GCS 9
ii. IV access for medications
1. 18-gauge
2. Identify absent breath sounds
a. Perform chest tube insertion
3. Identify hypotension
a. Begin fluid resuscitation (NS or PRBC)
4. Identify arterial insufficiency of right foot
a. Traction to reduce fracture
b. Color returns, pulse palpable
5. Identify TBI
a. GCS 9 already determined
b. Pupils equal
6. Re-assess vital signs
a. BP 110/80; HR 110; O2 sat 96%
7. Determine need to transfer
a. Activate transfer process
8. Obtain CXR
9. Obtain pelvis radiograph
a. Determine if pelvic binder is needed
10. Traction splint to left leg
11. Plaster splint right leg
12. Package for transport
a.Temperature regulation
i. Blanket
ii. Hat
b. Devices secured

Additional information


Doctor, Nurse Practitioner, Paramedic, Physician Assistant


Sun City Simulation

Case Setting

Emergency Department


Emergency medicine, Surgery, Trauma

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