Wilderness Climbing Accident

This is a 34 year old male involved in a climbing accident after rock fall cut his rope. The patient is located at the scene of the accident and the flight crew has arrived prior to any other first responders due to the remote location of the canyon he was climbing in. The patient has sustained multiple traumatic injuries and is hemodynamically unstable when the flight crew arrives.


Learning Objectives:

1. Complete a primary and secondary assessment of a multisystem trauma patient.
2. Correctly identify and address all life threats (Epidural Bleed, Internal Bleeding due to Pelvic Fracture, Airway Compromise, and Tension Pneumothorax).
3. Demonstrate appropriate fluid and blood administration.
4. Perform RSI according to AMC patient care guidelines including the use of the RSI checklist.

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EMT, Firefighter, Nurse Practitioner, Nursing, Pharmacist, Physician, Physician's Assistant


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Emergency medicine, Prehospital, Trauma

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