US Air Force Launches New Training Program Powered by SimX

US Air Force Powered by SimX

SimX has been working with the US Air Force to provide leading, innovative solutions that make medical training faster, easier, cheaper, and more comprehensive. 


In particular, SimX provided technology to the Special Operations Center for Medical Integration and Development (SOCMID). The SOCMID is a program designed in cooperation between the U.S. Air Force and the University of Alabama-Birmingham to develop and provide advanced standardized training to special operations medics.


SimX provided SOCMID with our VR cases for training Air Force Medical officers. This allowed for more extensive training in tandem with hands-on experience. For example, a medical officer may practice a simulation and later perform a live in-person treatment on a dummy or volunteer.

Using VR diversifies medical education to account for different learning styles, accessibility, and scenarios that require additional sensory details. VR allows a trainee to not only diagnose and treat a trauma patient, but to make decisions under pressure and endure environmental distractions as well. 


We are excited to be part of the SOCMID along with many institutions worldwide; Our team stands by our commitment to bring technology, education, and innovation together.

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US Air Force Powered by SimX

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