The most advanced virtual reality simulation platform on the planet

There's a reason why SimX is the preferred VR medical training provider for the US Air Force, Mayo Clinic, Northwestern, UPenn, Stanford, and other top institutions.

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Tools and Procedures

Custom Case Creation

The SimX platform allows for the rapid creation of cases customized to your needs.  From routine clinic visits to multi-trauma cases for field medics.  From basic assessment for MA training to post-operative ICU cases for specialists.  The SimX system can do it all.  

And because of our powerful engine and in house medical and technical teams, SimX builds these cases in a matter of weeks, and for a price 1/10th the cost of the competition.


Get rid of the cables and bulky laptops!

SimX is the only VR medical training tool compatible with the newest cutting edge all-in one headsets. These allow you to setup in less than 5 minutes anywhere.  Lecture in the front of the room and sim in the back, make it part of a small group session, even sim from home.

And because there is no need for a separate computer, these headsets cost hundreds, not thousands.  Of course if you want the older wired models we work with that too!


With SimX, instructors, learners, and observers can work from different parts of the world and join together in VR to work through the same cases around the same virtual patients.


But SimX is the ONLY system that also lets you run in person multiplayer cases.  With everything aligned via our patented technology you can high five in VR and you’ll high five in real life!  Work together in your sim center and communicate just as you would in real life.

Cross Platform

Sim is built from the ground up to be compatible with all major headsets.  If you already have headsets from one of the major brands, chances are it will run SimX.


SimX customers are using the software on laptops, through low cost all in one headsets, even with backpack computers!

Cross Platform Technology
Built by Educators, For Educators Flow Chart

Built by Educators, for Educators

The SimX case system is immediately familiar to sim educators.  Based on the Society for Academic Emergency Medicine’s open source case model, our cases are constructed as a series of interdependent states.  


When we work with customers to build new cases, they can define everything about the patient, environment, tools, critical actions, and linkages to make endless combinations.  Cases can start in the field, progress to the ED, then move to the OR.  Cases can have multiple patients, each with their own stateflow.  Or family members who intervene to affect the scenario.  


All based on the latest educational standards

Powerful Reporting Tools

SimX provides you with powerful reporting and debrief tools that allow you to track performance over time and facilitate effective debrief.  Our reports show you which critical actions were performed and which weren’t, along with timestamps of every action performed in the scenario, so you can review performance and progress with your learners.

Powerful Reporting Tools Documents

The Case is Yours to Control

SimX gives you high quality moderator tools that allow you to control the case as it goes along, making the case harder or easier as needed for your learners, and pushing them down different paths.  


Designed hand in hand with sim educators, the interface gives you the tools you need while taking advantage of the automatic tracking capabilities of virtual reality