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Medical Simulation


Wireless VR

Say goodbye to bulky laptops and complex setups! SimX runs on top of the line, all-in-one headsets that set up in minutes and cost drastically less than the older wired models (though we run on those too).


Multi-User VR Medical Training

Whether in the same sim room or across the world from eachother SimX's patented technology allows students, instructors, and observers to work together in the same virtual cases.


Flexible Custom VR Training

The most complete VR system by far with over 150+ patients, 30+ environments, and 300+ tools and procedures. We build fully custom cases in a few weeks, and for 1/10th the cost of the others.

Nursing VR Training

The only VR platform to truly replicate the patient encounter! Train in over 150 simulations in up to 97 environments with fully customizable patient dialogue.
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Military Medical VR Training

Fully immersive and comprehensive training scenarios that include battlefield triage, trauma treatment, helicopter rescue and tactical casualty combat care.
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EMS VR Training

From treating a crash victim in an ambulance to diagnosing a stroke in a patient’s home, the SimX EMS package comes with 12 virtual reality simulations targeted to first responders. Learn more.

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Holodeck Style VR Training Simulator

Give your learners ultimate realism with the most advanced VR simulation engine in the world

If you want to talk to a patient, just talk to them.  If you want to listen with a stethoscope, just walk over to where it is, pick it up, and use it.  


There are no drop downs, buttons, or arrows. Treat virtual patients, just like you do real ones.

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Patients & environments

For interdisciplinary training with academic and community hospitals, nurses, physicians, EMS, the US Military, and more.

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Covering Physician, Nursing, and Using SimX worldwide and growing every week. Now running over 1,800 simulated patient encounters monthly in more than 20 countries.

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Unlike other products, SimX uses zero drop-downs, multiple choice, or learner cue prompts. Practice clinical decision making true to life!

#1 Virtual Medical Training Simulator

Physician Founded

Physician Founded

Built by educators for educators SimX was founded by and is still run by MDs, PAs, RNs, and other clinicians

Cases Built to Your Needs

Customizable Virtual Learning Environment Cases

SimX's advanced simulation engine allows for highly customized cases to be produced in a matter of weeks

Powerful Reporting

Powerful Reporting

Our reports allow you to track performance over time and facilitate high quality post-sim debriefs



Whether in the same room or across the world from each other, Instructors, learners, and observers can work together around the same virtual cases

Cross Platform

Cross Platform Medical Simulation

SimX is the only VR medical sim product that works on all major headsets, wired or wireless

Start for Free

Start for Free

Sign up for SimX today and use our free training materials as long as you want for as many students as you want

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