Virtual Reality Simulation for Nursing Education

The Most Comprehensive Nursing Simulation Solution in the World.

A Competency-based education for your students

SimX for Nursing’s simulated patient encounters help develop practice-ready graduates through experiential learning. Immerse your students in true-to-life clinical scenarios where they can practice empathy, compassion, communication, and other essential aspects of person-centered care.

The SimX nursing solution is the most comprehensive nursing simulation solution on the market. Not only does it prepare nursing students for the next-generation NCLEX exam, there are patient encounters for advanced nurse practitioner training. SimX for Nursing helps practicing nurses maintain their skills and competencies as they care for patients in both inpatient and outpatient settings. With SimX, users can bridge the gap between classroom theory and real life patient encounters in realistic and immersive virtual learning environments.

Enhance Clinical Judgement

SimX cases are professionally developed to align with the rigorous standards of nursing practice, ensuring that they meet the professional and practical needs of nurses at all learning levels.

  • Evidence based
  • Peer reviewed
  • NCLEX-RN test plan
  • AACN essentials

How does SimX for nurses work?

Created by Nurses For Nurses

Nurses and nurse educators help create and refine our virtual patient encounters from case concept to final release.


Set up training sessions anywhere in less than 5 minutes! Lecture in the front of the room and do simulations in the back, make it part of a small group session, or even train from home.


Experience realistic patient encounters in the highest-fidelity, intuitive environments where learners can talk to, interact with, and treat virtual patients just as they would in real life.


The SimX system is designed to align with current nursing practices and standards. By incorporating the latest evidence-based guidelines and protocols, students can stay up-to-date with best practices in patient care.

Who is using SimX for Nursing?

Our virtual patient encounters include applicable and indispensable training for both practicing nurses and nursing students at all learning levels. SimX is actively being used in institutions and hospitals worldwide, including Stanford, NYU, The University of Nebraska, Penn State University, the US military, and Veterans Affairs hospitals.

What’s included?

Elsevier SLS with VR

Elsevier and SimX have worked together to adapt Elsevier’s Simulation Learning System into a series of immersive, accessible, and impactful VR patient encounters. The SimX Elsevier curriculum (or SLS with VR) includes a variety of patient encounters where learners must display skill sets from multiple specialties, including pediatrics, psychiatry, maternity, and other fundamentals of care and treatment.

The SimX Marketplace

The SimX marketplace is an industry-first comprehensive medical scenario marketplace for EMS, nursing, and other clinicians. In the online marketplace, users can search through all cases made available by the SimX team and partnered institutions.

Virtual Manikin Series

The SimX virtual manikin series allows you to choose between different patients, diagnoses, and treatment options all in one system. Virtual manikins can be quickly modified and customized to meet the needs of both learners and educators. In real-time, the facilitators can customize and control patient vitals, animations, lab and imaging results, final diagnosis, and much more!

Custom Virtual Patient Encounters

Create your own virtual patient encounters in partnership with the SimX team. We can create any patient, any tool, and any environment that you need to meet your learning objectives.

See what’s possible with SimX for Nursing

We offer over 250 simulated patient encounters. so you can train competent, practice-ready nurses. We tailor packages for your specific needs.

Need a simulation for every course?

Example A

18 Simulated Patient Encounters in every course

  • 1 Health Assessment
  • 1 Fundamentals
  • 4 Med-Surg
  • 3 Maternity
  • 3 Pediatrics
  • 2 Mental Health
  • 2 Population Health
  • 2 Leadership
Difficulty finding clinical placements?

Example B

20 Simulated Patient Encounters specializing in the clinical placements you’re looking to supplement

  • 10 Pediatrics
  • 5 Maternity
  • 5 Mental Health
Interested in Elsevier’s nursing curriculum with SimX?

Example C

100 Simulated Patient Encounters developed in collaboration with Elsevier

  • 4 Health Assessment
  • 11 Fundamentals
  • 20 Med-Surg
  • 20 Maternity
  • 20 Pediatrics
  • 10 Mental Health
  • 12 Population Health
  • 3 Leadership
  • 2 Population Health
  • 2 Leadership
The SimX platform is designed to allow nursing educators to build a competency-based VR
solution to meet your specific needs. Select from the world’s largest library of virtual reality
Simulated Patient Encounters, so you only pay for what you need.

See What’s Possible with SimX for Nursing

We offer over 220 Simulated Patient Encounters, so you can train competent, practice-ready nurses.