Virtual Reality Simulation for Nursing Education

The Most Immersive Virtual Reality Nursing Platform in the World

Founded, owned and operated by healthcare professionals - including nurses

SimX for nursing meets the increasing importance for nursing education and onboarding by realistically replicating true nursing encounters. Never feel unprepared to walk into a patient room again!

It boasts the largest VR nursing curriculum in the world and includes features like:


  1. Fully customizable patient dialogue.
  2. Variable vital signs.
  3. Over 570 true-to-life medical tools and props.
  4. More than 140 unique patient avatars.
  5. Up to 97 realistic environments (ER, OR, ICU, PACU, MedSurg, patient’s home, clinic, ambulance and more).

Elsevier Simulation Learning System for RN

As partners with the largest nursing educator in the world, SimX has built Elsevier’s Simulation Learning System for RN with Virtual Reality (SLS with VR).

This program features 100 distinct virtual reality nursing patient encounters and is now the most comprehensive VR healthcare curriculum in the world. Learn how to leverage the latest VR technology to give nursing students the patient experience they need in a safe, yet ultra-realistic environment.

Train for Reality in Virtual Reality

The extensive training nurses receive during their education is vital for decisive and effective actions on the job. Traditional training has many limitations, including high costs and limited opportunities.

VR training allows nurses to take advantage of a far more flexible and immersive alternative. With SimX VR, learners gain clinical experience before ever seeing a real patient.

What is VR for Nurses?

Virtual reality nursing simulation uses wireless VR headsets for fully-immersive simulations. It offers a bridge between the classroom and in-person clinical experience. Unlike other VR training platforms, SimX allows teams of learners to work together unscripted as they converse with patients and family, gather history, perform physical exams, administer medications, utilize electronic medical records, perfect procedural skills, and manage multiple simultaneous patients.

SimX not only boasts the largest curriculum of VR nursing scenarios, but SimX can develop custom scenarios to meet the needs of any institution or level of learner.

SimX doesn’t require bulky, tethered VR headsets with unintuitive menu-based interactions. SimX for RNs allows for wireless true life replication.

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The Nurse Educator's Guide: Using Virtual Reality to Boost Simulation Experiences

Specific VR Trainings for Common Procedures

SimX virtual reality for nursing addresses a wide range of scenarios that nurses face in their careers.







“I wish I had SimX when I was in school! Ii’ve never played a video game that talked back. What an effective way to get ready to see actual patients!” – Justin Haney, RN (Emergency Medicine Charge Nurse, Kadlec Regional Medical Center)

VR Training vs Traditional Clinical Training for Nurses


Virtual Reality

Sim can create fully customized cases in just a few weeks to fit the specific needs of your organization. What does your organization need to provide more comprehensive training? Get in touch today to discuss the right VR training suite for you.

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