Virtual Reality Simulation for Nursing Education

The extensive training that nurses receive during their education is vital for decisive and effective actions on the job. Traditional training has many limitations that include high costs and limited opportunities. With VR training, nurses can take advantage of a far more flexible and immersive alternative. VR training gives the chance to get more experience with clinical cases, and be better prepared for the real thing.

What Is VR Training for Nurses?

Virtual reality nursing simulation offers a bridge between the classroom and in-person clinical experience that nurses need. Using wireless VR headsets, students experience fully immersive simulations. There are no bulky laptops to deal with or cumbersome menu-based interactions. Instead, nursing students can use the tools that they will on the job and interact naturally, just as they would in real life.

SimX can develop custom scenarios on-demand to meet the needs of any institution, for leariers at any stage of their training and career.

Specific VR Trainings for Common Procedures

Virtual reality nursing simulation scenarios can address a wide range of scenarios that nurses will face in their working lives. Trainings can be created for over 150 patient models in more than 30 environments, and more than 300 tools and procedures are covered.

From routine care to multi-trauma cases, to post-operative ICU training, nurses in training can work through scenarios that will make them prepared.







Elsevier Simulation Learning Program

SimX partnered with Elsevier’s educational team to create the world’s most comprehensive VR healthcare curriculum. The partnership led to the Simulation Learning System for RN with Virtual Reality (SLS with VR). This program features 100 distinct virtual reality scenarios. They leverage the latest VR technology to give students the experience they need in a safe yet ultra-realistic environment.

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The Nurse Educator's Guide: Using Virtual Reality to Boost Simulation Experiences

VR Training vs Traditional Clinical Training for Nurses


Virtual Reality

How VR Training Works

Nursing schools use virtual reality headsets to fully immerse students in a realistic simulation. They will get the opportunity to move around a responsive virtual environment that looks and feels like the real thing.

Multiple students might engage in a simulation that involves a patient with pregnancy complications. One team member may be caring for the mother, while another is managing any changes in the fetal condition.

SimX Experience Overview

Sim can create fully customized cases in just a few weeks to fit the specific needs of your organization. What does your organization need to provide more comprehensive training? Get in touch today to discuss the right VR training suite for you.

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