5G First Responder Lab: SimX & Verizon Team Up To Innovate

24 Nov 2020

The future of public safety technologies will be powered by 5G networks. – 5G First Responder Lab
SimX is proud to be featured as one of Verizon 5G’s First Responder Lab’s innovative technologies. The 5G Lab and Responder Corp are committed to showcasing life-saving technologies “from critical communications, to situational awareness, to virtual reality.”

As you can see, these technologies solve the needs of first responders and public safety industry members. Through collaboration, sponsorship, and spotlights, 5G technology is committed to public safety and improving vital skills responders need every day. Most importantly, their mission is clear: No whitepapers, no hackathons. Real solutions, real deployments.

Shared via online showcase, they “will enable 15 emerging technologies with the power of 5G, and then they will deliver those solutions to public safety agencies throughout the world.”

SimX is One of These Emerging Technologies
In addition, agencies that are interested in testing, piloting or procuring this cutting-edge technology with SimX and Verizon, can apply for a pilot and Verizon will contact you to explore any potential opportunities.

Watch the 5G First Responder Lab video here:


As you can see, SimX’s scenarios allow the patient to be young, old, large, small. The patient will communicate with the practitioner, describe their symptoms, and express anxiety and concern. All while you figure out next steps with a large variety of tools.


Above all, cases can be customized to the needs of those who are using it, and our technology is already being used by institutions all over the world to improve medical training. And most importantly, your institution can start for free!

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