Innovators in Sim: Bradley Chesham and Bundle of Rays Implement VR/AR Nursing Education

Innovator in Sim: Bundle of Rays

It is incredible to think about all the ways that technology has enhanced our lives. When we try to imagine the people behind the scenes for technological advances, we often picture the engineers and creators. But what about the people implementing and utilizing technology to accomplish major goals and reach other people in meaningful ways? Brad Chesham, founder and director of the company Bundle of Rays, is doing just that. Bradley is using innovative virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) platforms, including SimX, to deliver quality educational training experiences to nurses across the continent of Australia and the world.


Bradley is a nurse himself and has extensive experience with critical care nursing along with a Master’s degree in the subject. In addition to working in Australia and the United Kingdom, he also served as a battlefield nurse in Afghanistan and Iraq. This experience “really highlighted the necessity for easy to understand solutions,” according to Bradley. He further adds that “the motivation for developing Bundle of Rays was to empower health professionals to be better skilled and qualified to promote timely, informed decisions about patient care.”

Bundle of Rays Leading the Way

Bundle of Rays aims to use VR and AR to improve both the training for nurses and ultimately the downstream quality of patient care. They offer services such as focused immersion with simulations, pre-record seminars, “live” seminars based in VR, and podcasts featuring industry leaders. Bundle of Rays will also be the first company to offer full VR Advanced Life Support (ALS) and Pediatric Advanced Life Support (PALS) in Australia. Given the effect that the COVID-19 pandemic has had on the ability to carry out this training in person, having a virtual option for ALS and PALS training will be a game changer for healthcare providers. Alongside clinical training such as resuscitation, Bundle of Rays is also delivering VR based education across continents providing curriculum support to various Korean and Indian universities.


There are many benefits to simulation training. It allows healthcare professionals to work through scenarios that might be difficult, dangerous, or rare to recreate in real-life. Therefore, Bundle of Rays allows training opportunities for nurses that they may not otherwise experience without a patient being at risk such as in emergency situations. It has also been demonstrated that simulation learning allows healthcare workers to link different aspects of theory. Many students have also reported that they were able to better develop their decision-making skills with simulation training. Moreover, perhaps one of the most important benefits of simulation training is its ability to decrease the number of medical errors made by healthcare professionals by enabling a seemingly endless selection of scenarios and allowing for repetition.


In an increasingly digital world with challenges such as a global pandemic, we have come to rely more on technological solutions for learning, communication, and training. The world of VR and AR simulation has the potential to solve numerous problems for many industries when it comes to communication, education, and training. Meaningful implementation of technology is essential for experiencing all the benefits that technology has to offer.  Brad Chesham and Bundle of Rays represent an excellent example of a company working to implement VR and AR to its fullest extent to support the training of healthcare professionals.

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Innovator in Sim: Bundle of Rays

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