SimX Wins EMS World Innovation Award

SimX Wins EMS World Innovation Award

We are proud to announce that SimX is a recipient of the 2020 EMS World Innovation Award! Winners were announced after evaluation during the expo during the EMS World virtual conference held September 14-18, 2020. 


EMS World serves those in the emergency medical services field through EMS World Magazine,, and EMS World Expo. EMS World Expo is an annual EMS focused education conference featuring classes on tools, technologies, and trends on prehospital care. SimX participated in the online expo this year and was commended for our innovation in the emergency medicine field. 


The award “recognizes the industry’s most pioneering products of the year that were on full display.” A panel of judges tested and analyzed each innovation before choosing the ten winners. 



From the EMS World site: “Virtual- and augmented-reality medical simulation software replaces expensive, static, outdated simulation manikins with a virtual patient at about 10% of the cost of traditional simulation.” 


SimX systems are especially suited for EMS professionals. Custom environments allow practitioners to put a virtual patient in a hospital, a car, their home, or even a helicopter. This customization is essential in the EMS field to experience various training scenarios that one would not have otherwise. 


Additionally, SimX programs allow users to incorporate any tool they might need in unique scenarios. Using specific tools allows for even more custom and particular training situations. 


The custom nature of SimX programs is especially relevant to any field where EMS specialists are needed. Currently, SimX is used in fifteen different air force bases to train special forces medics. Treating patients in the field and in transport scenarios such as a helicopter is vital for preparing these experts to face unique challenges.


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SimX Wins EMS World Innovation Award

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