SimX Launches World’s Largest Marketplace for Medical VR Simulations

Mar 08, 2023

The SimX Marketplace showcases over 200 custom scenarios created by clinicians for clinicians.

The SimX Marketplace is an industry-first, comprehensive medical scenario marketplace for EMS, nursing, and other clinicians. Our diverse and dynamic VR-simulated patient encounters allow learners and educators to train and teach in a more immersive, realistic, accessible, and affordable way. In this growing marketplace, users can search content made available by SimX and partnered institutions.

Explore The SimX Marketplace

Search our library of custom-built scenarios by learner population, specialty, or author to find the content that will best meet the needs of your learners and educators. Whether you’re preparing for battlefield triage or treating acute asthma, the SimX Marketplace houses hundreds of custom-built patient encounters. As your needs grow, the Marketplace does, too. We’re constantly adding new simulated patient encounters created in close collaboration with top institutions like Air MethodsNYUUPenn, and the Department of Defense. Filter through a handful of our most prolific authors/partners in the left-hand column of the web-based marketplace.

The Development of Custom Simulated Patient Encounters

It is no simple undertaking to create such a broad array of fully immersive Simulated Patient Encounters (SPEs). Creation requires clinician involved pre-production, development, and subject matter expert (SME) testing. During pre-production, a collaborative team generates a high-level case concept that broadly defines the desired scenario and learning goals. From this concept, a SimX medical SME works with the authoring institution to develop case specifications to outline case flow, characters, tools, and environments. These specifications become the foundation from which the SimX development team begins to build the case while addressing the needs of both learners and educators.

SimX Partners Share Revenue 

Every SimX partner that creates Custom Simulated Patient Encounters (SPEs) has the opportunity to share their content with other users. In this way, learners around the world can access simulations from some of the most recognized and innovative medical institutions.

Those who contribute to the Marketplace not only get their content published, they also receive revenue from each download. Our unique collaboration with our customers drives SimX’s cutting-edge VR medical simulation, as we strive to create excellent and accessible training for the next generation of healthcare workers.

Access Elsevier’s VR Nursing Curriculum Through SimX Marketplace 

Elsevier is a known leader in scientific, technical, and healthcare content and analytics. As such, Elsevier chose SimX as their hub for nursing virtual reality simulations and contributed 100+ cases to the SimX Marketplace. Throughout our partnership, Elsevier and the SimX team have worked together to adapt Elsevier’s Simulation Learning System into a series of immersive, accessible, and impactful VR experiences. The SimX Elsevier curriculum–or SLS with Virtual Reality–includes a variety of patient encounters where learners must display skill sets from multiple specialties. These specialties include pediatrics, psychiatry, maternity, internal medicine, community health, and other fundamentals of care and treatment.

Experience the SimX Marketplace

With the newly completed SimX Marketplace, we can now showcase the simulated patient encounters that will change the way clinicians educate, train, and learn essential skills. We will continue to build scenarios that are immersive, realistic, accessible, and cost-effective in collaboration with partnered institutions worldwide.

Interested in learning more? See for yourself all that SimX has to offer. Talk to a representative today about partnering in new content creation, or to have a SimX demo to experience our simulated patient encounters firsthand

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