SimX at NeVRNER: Nebraska VR Network for Education and Research

SimX at UNMC NeVRNER Annual Meeting

On October 23, 2020, Ryan Ribeira MD, MPH, co-founder and CEO of SimX presented at the Nebraska VR Network for Education and Research (NeVRNER) on “Making Simulation Cheaper, More Accessible, and More Realistic.


As published, NeVRNER “serves as a unique platform for faculty and staff to get together and discuss how to use technology, e.g. virtual reality, simulation, to advance medical education and research, and help students or trainees to maximize their learning experience”. This year marks the fourth annual meeting.


Notably, the nursing school at the University of Nebraska is currently partnering with SimX to develop training simulations. They are joining the growing network of institutions involved in SimX development as our programs continue to be used in facilities all over the world. 


In COVID-era learning, innovation in simulation is especially vital to improving training. Past medical mannequin-based simulation is not conducive for socially distance learning, nor is it flexible enough to replicate any number of situations that a medical practitioner must prepare for. 

With SimX, a patient can sit up, talk to you, and exhibit symptoms a mannequin could never attempt. Our programs use a holodeck approach to simulation. Trainees interact with a patient using the same tools and movements that one must use in real-life situations. 


Additionally, our VR system introduces multi-player scenarios led by moderators. Cases are customized to moderator goals and institution needs. Currently, SimX has developed communication-based sims where participants speak to patients in a waiting room and even answer phone calls.



Looking Ahead

More so, the potential of our patented VR technology is vast. In fact, we are developing many new custom cases every week for institutions around the globe.


At SimX, we are a public health minded team. Our goal is to increase accessibility of quality training in order to save lives. As educators, we know first-hand the faults and limitations of past sim learning. We also know the vast potential of sim learning. 


It is becoming easier every day to utilize VR and AR programs for teaching, learning, and training. Visit our features page to learn more about what SimX VR does for the medical community.


Watch our co-founder, Ryan Ribeira (MD, MPH) at the NeVRNER conference here. 

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SimX at UNMC NeVRNER Annual Meeting

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