Introducing the Simulation Learning System with Virtual Reality: A Nursing Curriculum From SimX and Elsevier

SLS with VR from SimX and Elsevier

Simulation Learning System with Virtual Reality

This month, Elsevier’s world leading education team and SimX’s best-in-class VR simulation engine have come together to produce the most comprehensive VR healthcare curriculum ever developed – the Simulation Learning System for RN with Virtual Reality (SLS with VR). Building on the Simulation Learning System’s evidence-based simulation scenarios and activities, SLS with VR features 100 virtual reality scenarios covering everything from inpatient to mass casualty, leveraging the latest virtual reality technology to provide students with a safe, ultra-realistic virtual environment where they can gain valuable hands-on patient care experience and enhance their clinical judgment skills.

“This is one of those rare opportunities when we can leverage technology to make something cheaper, easier, and more effective” said SimX CEO and Stanford Medical School Faculty Dr. Ryan Ribeira. “VR sim sets up anywhere, which means instructors can integrate sim into lectures, small group sessions, even send students home with headsets so they can work together in multiplayer simulation scenarios facilitated by an instructor remotely.” 


SLS with VR is a complete solution for enhancing your clinical decision-making skills, bridging the gap between lecture and clinicals, and offering powerful assessment tools — all in an exciting and realistic virtual reality setting. This innovative new solution reduces the need for sim labs, manikins, and other simulation lab equipment. The best part is, SLS with VR allows instructors to facilitate the simulations like they would in a traditional simulation lab, and students to immerse themselves in the most realistic clinical nursing environment possible. Each simulation experience also includes crucial pre- and post- simulation activities, debriefing guidance, and more. 

SLS with VR, a nursing curriculum from SimX and Elsevier

Included Nursing Fundamental Disciplines & Scenarios

The product comes with all of the powerful features of SimX’s VR simulation engine, including local and remote multiplayer capabilities, completely wireless operation, ultra-realistic “holodeck style” patient interactions, powerful moderating tools, and comprehensive performance reports.  And the curriculum truly is comprehensive, covering everything an institution needs to train their nursing students: 


  • Disciplines include: Health Assessment, Fundamentals, Medical-Surgical, Maternity, Pediatric, Psychiatric, Community and Leadership. 
  • Example Scenarios include: Postoperative Respiratory Distress, Fall and Pressure Ulcer Risk Assessment, Colostomy and Hyperkalemia Secondary to Medication Error, Scheduled Cesarean Delivery, Post-traumatic Stress Disorder, and Home Health.

Brent Gordon, Managing Director and General Manager of Nursing and Health Education at Elsevier said, “Nursing schools are facing unprecedented challenges in delivering high quality clinical experiences necessary for training practice-ready nurses. SLS with VR transports students to a virtual world where they are fully immersed in a dynamic clinical environment and surrounded by all the tools and resources available in a typical healthcare setting. This cutting-edge technology is an effective, affordable, and scalable solution for nursing schools in providing simulated clinical experiences that develop clinical judgment skills and improve learning outcomes.”


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SLS with VR from SimX and Elsevier

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