Verizon And SimX Use 5G To Combat Health Care Shortage

29 Jun 2022

Verizon’s high bandwith 5G technology, along with the SimX simulation platform, may just be a viable solution the address the widespread health care worker shortage.

Samuel Greengard recently published an article on the innovative techonology, stating “Solving this emergency workers shortage won’t be easy, as there are a number of issues at play ranging from pay scales and safety to overall quality of life. That said, experts say that increased access to training and hands-on guidance could be part of the solution, as they will bring emergency service workers into the field more quickly and could improve access to programs that lead to advanced certifications and higher wages. And the high speed and low latency of 5G can help enable those solutions.”

He goes on to note that…”even better, the system can replace costly simulators that can sometimes run into the millions of dollars. And the training can happen as EMTs need it, not when the simulator is available. This type of on-demand, 5G-powered, training can be an innovative tool that could help improve the nationwide emergency workers shortage.”

Read the article here, and schedule a demo today to learn how we can be your training solution!

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