SimX COVID-19 Training Cases

SimX Virtual Reality COVID 19 Training Cases

At SimX, we work as a dedicated team of educators and medical practitioners to bring unique virtual reality simulations to clinical learning environments. Since Covid-19 has spread across the globe, educator’s opportunities to meet with students and practice vital skills have greatly lessened. SimX is spending significant time to make sure our programs benefit those who require resources for training during this pandemic.

In an effort to help you in your fight against the COVID-19 virus, we at SimX created two free multiplayer virtual reality training cases focused on the evaluation and management of COVID-19. These cases were first released in April 2020 and since have been downloaded and used by over 150 institutions all over the world.

VR and COVID-19 Education

COVID-19 has placed unprecedented strain on healthcare systems and clinical education. Hospitals and clinics around the world are reorienting toward our shared war against the

pandemic. Because of this, opportunities for clinical training and education are diminished due to the lack of availability of clinical educators and the need to establish social distancing by avoiding in-person didactics.


SimX programs are especially fit for accomplishing these goals. Our VR technology allows for maximum content with minimal physical interaction.


In the face of this crisis, SimX has created unique cases that immerse the learner in front line care. With constantly evolving guidance and protocol, the cases are designed to allow institutions to train their staff using their own guidelines. This gives educators the opportunity to personalize the cases while drawing from the knowledge of our team of medical experts. 


As many medical institutions face new challenges, utilizing technology will maximize their ability to implement changing protocols essential during a pandemic. The battle continues, and SimX plans to continue to release more free content to prepare our frontline staff.


Follow us for updates and relevant content on COVID-19 and related issues. While the future of this pandemic is unsure, education and training is more vital than ever. Learn more about our programs on our Features Page and get to know what SimX is about. 


What SimX is Doing

SimX’s industry leading virtual reality medical simulation platform is used around the world and by top institutions including Mayo Clinic, Stanford, Northwestern, University of Pennsylvania, the US Air Force, and many others. It allows trainees to work in multiplayer virtual reality cases either together in the same space or from the safety of their own homes. 


SimX is also offering substantial discounts for the duration of the crisis in order to ensure that medical education systems are able to continue to train the providers on the front line and beyond. Our team is invested in sharing educational experiences at this time as we work to bring those scenarios to you and your institution.


Take full advantage of these cases and be sure to make the protocols accurately reflect the goals of your institution. Since COVID-19 was first categorized as a pandemic, it is often said that we are in this together. The SimX team believes in this admonition to support each other using our skills and knowledge gathered from our experiences. 


Developed by emergency medicine physicians working in hot zones in Washington and California, these cases run on SimX’s market leading VR simulation platform. They will allow your staff to practice COVID-19 triage, donning and doffing of PPE, and medical management. 


The scenarios can be tailored to reflect the protocols of your institution, and adjusted for varying patient outcomes. These cases can be downloaded and used free of charge by any hospital or training program with Oculus Quest ™, or HTC Vive™ devices.

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SimX Virtual Reality COVID 19 Training Cases

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