How To Prepare For The Next-Gen NCLEX Exam Using VR

20 Nov 2023

How To Prepare For The Next-Gen Nclex Exam Using VR

The world of nursing education is undergoing a rapid and remarkable metamorphosis. Virtual Reality (VR) is arguably the most significant among the technologies propelling this transformation. At the heart of this evolution is SimX, pioneering a VR platform tailor-made for the future of nursing education. SimX is setting new benchmarks in how nursing education is practiced and delivered through its immersive medical simulation training meant for learners at any level.

Traditional Nursing Education vs. VR

Traditional nursing education has relied heavily on textbooks, manikins, and limited patient interactions. While these methods have their merits, they often fall short in preparing students for the dynamic and often unpredictable nature of real-life patient encounters. This is where VR, and particularly the SimX system, bridges the gap.

Why SimX VR?

    • Enhance Critical Thinking: SimX’s scenarios are designed to challenge students, pushing them to think critically and make decisions on the fly. This nurtures a proactive mindset, which is vital for real-world medical emergencies.
  • NCSBN Clinical Judgment Model: SimX brings to life the clinical judgment model, allowing learners to independently recognize and analyze clues, prioritize and generate solutions, and finally take action and evaluate their outcomes. 
  • Scalability: Whether a small nursing school or a large university, SimX can be scaled to meet varying demands seamlessly. The user is not limited by the size of their simulation center.
  • Reduced Training Cost: With VR, the need for physical equipment, space, and other resources is significantly reduced. SimX offers a cost-effective solution without compromising on the quality of training.
  • Holistic Skill Development: SimX goes beyond just technical skill training. Replicating emotional and unpredictable scenarios aids in developing soft skills like communication, empathy, and decision-making.
  • Adaptability: SimX’s VR scenarios aren’t static. They can be adjusted to cater to various difficulty levels, ensuring that students at all stages of their education find value.
    • Repeatability: One of the standout features of SimX is the ability for students to repeat scenarios as many times as needed. This ensures they can master specific skills without the pressure of one-time interactions.
  • Consistency: Whether the student is in person on campus or training remotely, SimX can provide students with essential clinical experience anytime, anywhere. 
  • Multiple Spheres: SimX offers multiple settings encompassing the four AACN Essentials spheres of care.
  • Immersion & Realism: SimX VR offers a fully immersive experience, placing students in lifelike medical situations. This immersion makes the learning experience more impactful, ensuring the retention of knowledge and skills.

Preparing for the Next-Gen NCLEX exam using SimX VR

For Educators and Administrators

The Next-Gen NCLEX seeks to evaluate the clinical judgment skills of aspiring nurses. SimX’s lifelike scenarios align perfectly with this objective. By immersing students in situations where clinical judgment is crucial, SimX ensures students are exam-ready and well-equipped to make critical decisions in real-life nursing roles. 

Considering using SimX to prepare your students for the next-gen NCLEX exam? Here are some vital steps to ensuring your SimX training experience is seamless and productive.

  1. Determine Educational Outcomes: Before you can integrate SimX curricula and maintain a consistent simulation training program, it’s crucial to outline what you want to achieve. Creating clear, decisive learning objectives and competencies will guide your students and help educators make better decisions regarding time allotment and faculty responsibilities. 
  2. Select Relevant Modules: SimX offers a variety of immersive and realistic patient encounters. Choose from hundreds of scenarios and various curriculum packages to get training in just a fraction of the time it takes for traditional simulation training. SimX especially offers many nursing-specific courses, including the Elsevier SLS for RN package.
  3. Faculty Onboarding: Before students put on the headsets and dive into their first virtual patient encounter, ensure educators are well-acquainted with SimX and equipped to facilitate scenarios. This may require additional faculty training or a dedicated VR simulation training role for students to get the most out of this experience.
  4. Feedback Mechanism: Continual improvement is key. Establish a feedback mechanism to gather student and educator insights during and after each training session. You can then begin to make iterative refinements to the process and evolve along with innovative VR technology.

For Students

Does your institution currently utilize SimX for your nursing simulation training? Are you interested in learning more about how VR can enhance your learning experience? Preparing for the NCLEX exam is vital for your nursing career, and finding the right methods and materials for studying for this exam can be daunting. SimX makes training easier, cheaper, and more accessible for learners at any level and in any specialty. Here are some ways to utilize SimX and better take advantage of the features and content you need to pass any test with confidence.

  1. Familiarize Yourself: If you aren’t familiar with VR, take some time to explore the controls and navigate menus before diving into your first simulated patient encounter. SimX’s controls are immersive and intuitive, allowing you to quickly navigate the virtual environment and focus on treating and communicating with diverse patients.
  2. Practice Physiological and Psychosocial Skills: Many nursing students can go through their whole program without the opportunity to care for patients with critical, common diagnoses. In SimX scenarios, you can practice physiological and psychosocial skills in various scenarios across multiple specialties. In addition to improving treatment and assessment skills, nursing students can frequently practice vital communication skills with patients, their families, and other providers.
  3. Listen to Feedback: Educators and facilitators can utilize SimX features to provide comprehensive feedback during and after training sessions. The SimX system’s feedback tools include time stamps for each critical action performed throughout the patient encounter. 
  4. Repeat: SimX virtual patient encounters are repeatable and allow you to experience hundreds of unique and immersive scenarios in one training platform. You can run through encounters again and again to test your skills and prepare for real-life patients

The future of nursing education isn’t just about embracing technology, it’s about choosing the right technology. SimX VR stands out as a beacon in this domain, promising a more knowledgeable, skilled, and confident generation of nurses. In a world of ever-evolving medical challenges, such advancements aren’t just welcome; they’re imperative.

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