EM Pulse Podcast: Technology, VR, And The Future Of Medicine

Dec 30, 2020

Last year, SimX team members, Dr. Adam Dougherty and Dr. Ryan Ribeira, were featured on EM Pulse Podcast. This popular program comes from the UC Davis Department of Emergency Medicine.


Notably, they were invited to speak for the episode Tech Talk, on using technology for continuing education in the emergency medicine field. Resources such as podcasts, facebook groups, twitter, and other online tools are vital for increasing knowledge and keeping up-to-date on current innovation in medicine.


More specifically, the focus of the podcast was on leveraging technology. So, how does SimX leverage technology to accomplish our goals?


Virtual Reality (VR) is a new and rapidly growing field and SimX has been trying anything and everything to see what is effective to break through barriers.


Our VR cases and interactive software is perfect for anatomy training and studying physiological processes.


Notably, SimX can also be used for training in mass trauma bay scenarios. Here, the social and psychological aspects of EMS training can be put into action. The flexibility and customization of this VR program accomplishes specific learning points for any scenario. Nursing students, pharmacy students, and medical students can all work together in multiplayer training.


So then, how accessible is this VR technology, really?  With SimX cases, you can learn with experts and students all over the world. In fact, top quality simulation can be delivered anywhere at a fraction of the cost of past simulation tools.


Indeed, keeping up with innovation in education can be overwhelming. As technology continues to develop, how we learn and teach must adapt in order to attend to diverse ways of thinking about and practicing emergency medicine. The future of AR and VR is full of potential! So many impending innovations will continue to accomplish goals of simulation and even reduce medical errors.


The SimX team is a large part of continuing innovation and you can experience it for yourself today by downloading our two free COVID-19 cases.

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