VR Focus: SimX Discusses Emerging Healthcare Trends in VR

Emerging Healthcare Trends in VR

Our Chief Medical Officer, Adam Dougherty MD, MPH, recently published an article on the popular site VRFocus entitled ‘Emerging Healthcare Trends in VR’, noting the exciting new opportunities that virtual reality provides for both clinical treatment and clinical education.


There are numerous ways that VR has shown to be an effective treatment modality, including pain management, physical therapy, and post-traumatic stress disorder. Dr. Dougherty describes, “Some studies have found that addiction disorders like substance use and gambling demonstrated that VR could provide a safe environment to undergo exposure therapy without relapse. Body image disorders seem to respond well to VR as well, with bulimia and binge eating disorder patients experiencing symptom relief for up to a year after VR therapy.”


He goes on to discuss the power of virtual reality simulation in healthcare education. “Finally, VR is bringing the promise of remote learning to new levels. With VR and online services, learners worldwide can work together to tackle each scenario in real-time. In times of social distancing and learning from home, VR provides an alternative to endless web meetings that is both engaging and effective.”


Dr. Dougherty concludes that “The field of medicine is finally reaping the benefits of decades of advancements in VR technology and public interest.” Head to our Features page to learn how SimX is an industry leader in this space. 

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Emerging Healthcare Trends in VR

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