SimX Featured in HIT Consultant, Citing Reduction in Medical Errors Through Simulation

Simulation Reduces medical errors

Chief Medical Officer of SimX, Adam Dougherty, MD, MPH was recently featured on the popular website HIT Consultant, where he discusses the benefit of virtual and augmented reality simulation training. 


The article discusses how simulation can reduce medical errors and ultimately improve patient outcomes. Dr. Dougherty states, “Many errors can be reduced in frequency with training, education, and practice. This makes the use of medical simulation-based training a valuable tool.”


Compared to mannequin-based simulation, virtual reality and augmented reality can significantly reduce the cost of simulation training programs. Dr. Dougherty cites that, “Studies have also shown that the cost of VR and AR training can be less expensive when compared to mannequin simulation (Haerling 2018). This may partly be due to the fact that VR and AR eliminate the need for faculty and laboratory staff, physical facilities, durable equipment, consumable supplies, and other supplies and personnel to set the scene (Haerling 2018).


Health education programs are quickly realizing the potential of medical simulation through virtual reality. Innovative curricula are already making use of this revolutionary technology today, notably the recently launched Simulation Learning System with Virtual Reality, a collaboration from Elsevier and SimX.


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Simulation Reduces medical errors

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