SimX Virtual Reality featured on BBC News
It is always a celebration at SimX when we see our team up on the silver screen. Not only is it a great opportunity to share our new hair cuts, but a chance to visually reveal our newest cases. This happened most recently on BBC News to a worldwide audience.


SimX was featured on BBC World News on September 12, 2020. The segment showcased our latest COVID-19 cases as they were tested and used in a hospital in Taiwan:

This training method produces less waste and contains no risk of contracting the virus. It is, after all, completely virtual! 


BBC World News showcased doctors in Taiwan collaborating and using SimX COVID-19 cases. In this video, we see how the downloadable training scenarios let participants practice skills such as donning PPE, testing for COVID-19, diagnosing, and treating various virtual patients. See our previous post for full details on the free COVID-19 cases. 


SimX Featured Around the Globe!

The feature in BBC World News is one of the most recent, but definitely not the only platform that the SimX team has appeared. Others include:

As a team, we aspire to expand our reach to as many institutions and countries as possible. This is why we made our COVID-19 cases free to download. You and your team can get started today! 


What’s the News?

SimX’s unique, holodeck style VR simulation is especially suited for a number of different medical training scenarios. Our industry leading virtual reality medical simulation platform is used around the world and by top institutions including Mayo Clinic, Stanford, Northwestern, University of Pennsylvania, the US Air Force, and many others. 


Go to our features page to learn more about what makes SimX VR technology so special.

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SimX Virtual Reality featured on BBC News

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