SimX Upgrades VR Software with Access to New Case Content

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New Year, New SimX!

Early this week SimX performed a significant VR software upgrade, one that will improve the stability and capabilities of SimX for all users of the platform including those using free demo accounts. 


As always, SimX continues to work to bring our cases to many institutions worldwide for the benefit of medical practitioners everywhere. Our commitment to our clients is strong and we hope to continue to adapt and update as the VR world continues to improve. 


With the software upgrade, a new version of the SimX pulmonary embolism case will be released in the next few days. It has substantially upgraded capabilities including IV placement, a working Pyxis, intubation, defibrillation, ACLS, and more!


In 2020, SimX developed and released two free COVID-19 cases to aid in the continued fight of frontline medical experts with the coronavirus. These cases allowed participants to practice, among other things, donning and removing PPE, testing, and intubating patients. Availability meant that institutions around the world were able to prepare and train practitioners as soon as it was downloaded. 


Continual software upgrades, improvements, innovation, and testing is an integral part of SimX’s mission to move forward and bring more value to our programs each day. Our dedicated team of doctors, developers, and designers work tirelessly as industry experts to make medical education more accessible, affordable, and effective. 


If you do not have a free SimX demo account, and you would like to try out the new PE case or free COVID cases, please let us know by signing up today.


We look forward to improving your simulation capabilities this year with the most trusted virtual reality platform on the market.

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