CBRN Nerve Agent Exposure Field Decon (POI)

This case is set in the industrial environment. The Learner responds to the scene after there was an explosion and possible exposure to nerve agent. One patient is moderately symptomatic with small pupils and nausea. The patient is tachycardic with a normal blood pressure. A second patient is deceased at the scene. The Learner should don appropriate PPE, and proceed with field decontamination using available equipment and treatment for exposure at the scene with ATNAA and CANA autoinjectors. The case ends at the point of injury.

Learning Objectives

Recognizes potential hazardous material exposure and calls for appropriate supplies for decontamination

– Appropriately mitigates exposure risk to minimize exposure and contamination:
a. Dons appropriate PPE, including an appropriate mask, and gloves
b. Identifies environmental threats including vapor hazard, liquid, confined space and low oxygen environments
c. Moves the casualty away from the threat or agent, using the principles of fresh air, upwind, uphill, upstream, time, distance and shielding

– Assesses casualty to determine agent of concern, conducting triage and recognizing symptoms
a. C – Consciousness
b. R – Respirations. Are they present, labored, or absent
c. E – Eyes, pupil size
d. S – Secretions. Are they increased or absent
e. S – Skin. Is there diaphoresis, cyanosis, is it dry and hot

– Evaluates the casualty at the point of injury for life threats and performs immediate interventions if indicated

– Uses appropriate antidotes for suspected nerve agent exposure

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