EMS: Diabetic Emergency

Learner is called to scene for reports of altered mental status. On arrival, they will find the 35-year-old female patient lying in the front yard who is localizing to pain but otherwise unresponsive. Bystanders gave one dose of naloxone without effect. Learner will perform an initial assessment and history from the neighbor, identifying that the patient is diabetic and likely having hypoglycemia from having skipped dinner. POC glucose is 30. Patient will require immediate treatment of hypoglycemia. En route to the hospital, the Learner should perform a full secondary assessment and provide a report to the receiving team.

Learning Objectives

Assesses scene, identifying any potential safety concerns, number of patients, presence of bystanders, and additional resources available

– Conducts primary survey and obtains vital signs with attention to the following:
a. Determines level of consciousness and identifies mental status impairment
b. Identifies any signs of airway obstruction, hypoxia, or any observable breathing difficulties
c. Identifies any profuse bleeding, signs of decreased or absent circulation, or any pulse deficits in extremities

– Performs immediate interventions to address concerns identified during the primary survey

– Determines priority of transport

– Conducts a secondary survey to gather additional pertinent HPI and PMH and conduct a focused physical exam

– Performs any necessary medical interventions to ensure patient stability and safety during transport

– Contacts Medical Direction when indicated

– Provides verbal report summarizing patient encounter

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